Campaigning on a website and a prayer

3 Sep

My friend Jennifer sent me a link to her friend’s blog in which Barack Obama’s website DESIGN is discussed. So thanks Jennifer and behold the power  of social media.  In any case, after reading Jin’s blog entry (not sure of the name of the blog), I decided to visit both John McCain’s and Obama’s websites and see for myself. Mind you, I am not comparing the candidates on issues, though they both have a drop down menu of issues (Obama has more issues and goes more in-depth). I am just looking at what they have both done to appeal to voters.

I had visited both  sites before and certainly McCain changed his–fonts and layout, to look less “militaristic” and more friendly,I think more like Obama’s. See for yourself.

John McCain:

The pros:

  • nice splashy home page
  • you can “personalizle” by home state or whether you are a supporter or not.
  • a blog and a shop for “gear”

Barack Obama

The pros:

  • Has a splash page collecting funds for Hurrican Gustav victims
  • Clean upbeat design
  • A tab for Spanish (only problem is that it is not updated to include Biden)
  • Blogs and gear too
  • You can create a “MyBO” page
  • You can connect on almost all social media

I think both candidates realize the importance of the web, but Obama’s campaign has fine tuned more toward GenY and Social Media users. He has also included Spanish speaking voters. Both candidates make it  easy to donate and to volunteer. As to contact information, McCain’s site is more straightforward than Obama’s and offers a telephone number.


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