When ads annoy

11 Sep

I had the radio on to my favorite rock station and suddenly, I was exposed to one of the most annoying radio commercials I have ever heard. The main “character” was a woman jabbering on about her free trip she got from getting an oil change. She kept going on and on in the world’s most annoying voice. It was a one sided conversation, as if we were overhearing her on the telephone. Surely, one of the most annoying things in life is to be forced to listen to a one-sided phone conversation at inordinate volume.

In sum, I had to turn the radio off. If I hear the hint of this commercial again I will switch stations. Yuck!!!!

Have you ever had that happen? When you can’t stand a certain ad? Well, of course, not every ad is universally accepted and liked, but I am sure certain ones get on lots of people’s very last nerve. And that creates backlash. You refuse to patronize the establishment, purchase the service or the product. And you do what I am doing now–complain about it.

Ads should not annoy–in my opinion, it is not a good tactic.  Cajole, tempt,  demonstrate, appreciate, yes.  Make listeners/viewers upset, not so much.


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