An easy marketing tip

18 Oct

Do you want to easily market yourself? I have a great tip: make your content (blog, website, social media stuff) shareable. I don’t mean that you should simply create stuff people want to share–which is a given–but make it easy to share. By this I mean have a social media sharing button/widget on your blog or website (such as the one at the end of this post). If you don’t know how to get one, here are a few to try:

You can find other individual service sharing buttons at this Wiki: recently started its own sharing widget.

Find one that works with your blog/website and deploy it. By allowing your content to be easily shared, you will increase your reach. The word to note is EASILY.  There are ways I can share your content without your help…but if you make it easy for me, then I will most likely do it. And that is why you create great content, right?

Important clarification for WordPress users : If you have a blog (self-hosted), you may be able to find these buttons as plug-ins. users CANNOT use plug-ins, but can add these manually to each post or find the sharing button.


2 Responses to “An easy marketing tip”

  1. Daria Steigman October 18, 2010 at 11:27 am #

    Brilliant, Deborah. I’ve been looking for one that works simply, and love that Add to Any has a WordPress plug in. Have installed, and finally have one working the way I want.

    Good topic… –Daria


  1. You may be overlooking something « Caffeinated ideas and views on marketing communications - November 1, 2010

    […] (Caffeinated tip of  a few days ago was to make sure your blog is shareable.) […]

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