Sometimes, it isn’t about marketing

22 Nov

By now, you have probably heard about George W. Bush’s new book/memoir Decision Points. Bush went on a media blitz to promote the book and appeared on the Today Show and Oprah, among other venues. Many have said Decision Points is about trying to  recast how the Bush II presidency is viewed. It certainly is a chance for Bush to explain why he did what he did. But the question is–will the book change the public’s perception of Bush?

I heard a pundit (I can’t remember who or on what show) say that if you liked Bush before, you will like him now, but if you didn’t like Bush then, you will certainly not like him more after reading the book. Perhaps only if you had no opinion or were undecided would you change your perception of Bush after reading this book.

Why? Because sometimes it isn’t about marketing. Products or services are good or not good, useful or not useful, and no amount of marketing changes that. If you are a Bush hater, no matter how many positive books are written about him and how many accolades he receives, you are not going to change your mind.

Same thing happens with housing. I know a Realtor who is trying to sell a house.  The house itself is very roomy, with a great layout and other nice features–except it is very close to a major highway. The Realtor is marketing the house in all the usual ways–open houses, brochures, well worded descriptions, etc. But unless you don’t mind having a view of traffic, you are not going to buy the house. It is not about the marketing. It is about the product.



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