14 Dec

Have you seen the new UPS commercials? It’s about logistics.  There are several different iterations, but they all talk about how important logistics are, and of course, UPS is all about logistics.  Really? I thought UPS was about shipping. But I guess I am supposed to now think of shipping as just the visible part of the complex web that is logistics.

What’s good:

Song is memorable. Logistics is a new USP for UPS. It has definitely caught my attention.

What’s bad:

Logistics? Really? Is that why I would ship with UPS over Fedex?

Your thoughts?


One Response to “Logistics?”

  1. Ms. Unconventional February 18, 2011 at 6:41 pm #

    Both UPS and Fed Ex offer a wide range of logistical service that essentially are exactly the same. I think what’s happening is that UPS for the first time is actually marketing themselves as a “logistics service provider” rather then just a “shipping” company and have always offered these services.I do agree with you that shipping is the physical end result of logistics, becasue shipping is logistics, but the average person doesn’t connect the dots between the T-shirt they are wearing that says made in China to how it got to Walmart for them to buy it. Connecting all those dots is exactly what a Logistians does. I know this because I work in logistics and when I tell people this, their faces go all weird and a confused look crosses thier face…NOW, I can say…”you know that new UPS commercial…that’s what I do”.

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